Summit Property Maintenace

Over the years, we have established ourselves as all-round property maintenance specialists. We understand that no project is the same; we will tailor our service to meet your exact requirements and won't leave until you are 100% satisfied with the work carried out.

We will provide specialist knowledge and an innovative approach to solve your difficult access problem.

Roof Work

Our rope access techniques and highly trained staff are more than capable of conducting roof repairs, tile repairs and gutter repairs with ease. The roof is an integral part of a building, so it is essential to act fast. No matter the size of the roof, we always work in a highly professional manner and ensure your roof or gutter system is back to what it once was.

Using traditional methods such as scaffolding can take weeks or sometimes months, but we can complete the work in a matter of days. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients in need of our help. We eliminate high costs and work fast, be sure to contact our team when you require roof repairs.

Pipe Work & Repairs

Broken downpipes and gutters over a short time can have costly repercussions. If the water is allowed to leak, it can damage the brickwork and penetrate the building, causing damage to walls, ceilings and plaster. You can now how peace of mind knowing that we can repair and replace all types guttering and uPVC in a cost-effective manner. Over the years', we have developed the best ways to reach those difficult areas. Our repair service is usually a one day job, but it totally depends on the scale of the project.

Before any work starts, we will provide a fixed quote so you won't be met with any surprise costs. Repair Abseiling offers a safe and straightforward solution that can not be beaten.

External Decoration Work

Over the years, we have accumulated an extensive portfolio of successful external decoration and renovation projects within the M25 area. A lot of these projects required us to utilise our rope access skills at the highest level. Rope access painting provides a low-cost solution where only limited access is available. Prior to work starting, we will undertake a full assessment of the building to determine the current state of the surfaces. Following the evaluation, we will then discuss which coating system is best suited to maintain the look of your property.

We understand that clients have different schedules, so we will work around you to make sure we accommodate your needs and requirements. We know how difficult it can be to make the right choice when it comes to decorating properties. You can now have peace of mind that we will help you every step of the way.


Our masonry work offers customers a bespoke and unique service. We can take on large commercial buildings or can revamp old listed buildings with ease. The outside of the building is the first thing people see; all things we do that involves masonry is crafted with artistry and precision. Our team create the most detailed and intricate design using traditional methods that have been used for centuries. For first-class masonry work then do not hesitate to get in touch today.

Window Cleaning & Fitting

Our window cleaning and fitting ranges from working on the highest office blocks in the city, penthouses and residential flats. We can guarantee a safe solution for those high and hard to get places without causing any disruption or damage. Thanks to our highly qualified members of staff we can provide you with quick and efficient windows services, from installing new windows frames to a full cleaning service. We can do it all.

Before any work is carried out, we will undertake a detailed visit to the site. From there, we assess all anchor points and identify any potential hazards and suggesting modifications or improvements to ensure we comply with any applicable HSE. So when you need experts in rope access look no further, our friendly team will be more than happy to arrange a visit and discuss quotes.

Pest Control

Pigeons and other birds may often use your window sill and as a convenient place to perch and can disrupt your daily routine. Now with our Pigeon spikes, they offer proofing to a specific ledge or area that will not make them want to come back. Spike installation is a cost-effective solution to prevent them from nesting on your building; the spikes will not harm the birds, just make it uncomfortable for them to land. If you suspect bird nests are already on your building, then we are more than happy to clear them for you and no birds will be harmed in the process.

We also specialise in installing bird nets, over the years this has been a popular choice as it is versatile, discreet and humane. It will last for a long time and requires minimal maintenance. If you need our help, then do not hesitate to give us a ring.